Hoping to Help

I’ve decided to start some writing. I’ve had lots of encouragement to do so over the years and I simply haven’t disciplined myself to do so. I sporadically maintained a blog a few years ago but got to a point in life where I didn’t feel I had much to say…that’s a shame because the longer I’m in ministry, the more I realize how much we all have to say.

My problem at that time was that I wasn’t watching for the things that I could share that might be an encouragement to others around me; I was too busy trying to keep my own head above water.

I’ve watched as several friends have recently tried their hand at sharing in a format like this and have found it both personally refreshing and challenging.

So here’s to step one. I’ll plan to share something that I have written in the past once a week and will seek to produce some new material or share something that I have recently written elsewhere another time each week.

I trust it will function just like the title of my blog suggests…to encourage you. The longer I serve as a pastor, the more I sense how much people need to simply be encouraged. Barnabas has always been one of my heroes in the book of Acts (see here and here). I hope to be a Barnabas in your life.

I’d love to hear from you occasionally. Interact with me and be part of our journey together until Jesus comes.

Author: Pastor Dave

I'm a pastor, speaker, voice actor and blogger. I'm a husband, Dad to 5 and Grandpa to 1.

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