God doesn’t lose track

Have you ever lost track of something valuable to you? Just this morning, I opened my computer to complete work on a sermon I started late last week. I pulled up Microsoft Word and got ready to write out the message from my notes I had taken. Only…I couldn’t find the most recent version of my notes. I had about a third of them from a previous version of the document, but I could not find the rest. I fiddled and fussed and fumed a bit until I finally was able to recover them. It wouldn’t have been the end of the world or anything, but it would have meant a good bit of extra work on my part.

It gets worse when the lost “thing” is something valuable to you like a pet or worse; your child. Have you ever been separated from one of your kids in a very public place? I have a recollection, as a child, of being separated from my parents in a mall. I don’t suspect that I was actually out of sight very long but the reunion was tearful as I again sensed the security of being with my mom and dad.

This “being lost and then found” thing has me thinking about our heavenly Father and the fact that He never loses track of us. My mind turned to Hagar’s experience with God. It’s a long and involved story. If you are familiar with it, you don’t need me to repeat it for the details, but in case you are not, let me summarize:

Abraham and Sarah had been promised a son. When God didn’t follow through on his promise right away, they took matters into their own hands and decided that Abraham would would have a child with Sarah’s servant instead. Sarah would adopt it. It was the way their culture did things…what could possibly go wrong?

Hagar (Sarah’s servant) bore a son to Abraham and realized that she had given to Abraham what Sarah never could, so she treated her mistress with contempt. After all; she never asked to be removed from her country of origin and then to become a surrogate for the childless couple who owned her. Eventually things got bad between Sarah and Hagar and Hagar took her son and ran away.

Here’s the part that encourages me. She ran off into the wilderness. That’s where God came to her. He ministered to her, told her about the future of her son and encouraged her to back and be cared for in the home of Abraham and Sarah. Then (Genesis 16:13) “…she called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, “You are a God of seeing,” for she said, “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.”

I love that. She thought she was out of sight; out of mind. She didn’t realize that God knew exactly where she was and had not lost track of her. There are plenty of other places in the Scripture that talk about this truth but I thought perhaps you might want to be reminded today that God has not lost track of you. You may feel put out, shut out, locked out, like you’ve lost out, or maybe you just feel forgotten. Like you are simply out of God’s mind. I can assure you, dear believer in Jesus; this is the furthest thing from the truth. God sees. God will bring glory to His name in your life and use you to accomplish all that He intends. You are in plain sight to Him.

Author: Pastor Dave

I'm a pastor, speaker, voice actor and blogger. I'm a husband, Dad to 5 and Grandpa to 1.

One thought on “God doesn’t lose track”

  1. With all the chaos of life, all the attention situations and things require, we just can’t seem to hear what God is saying. So God may take us through a wilderness experience so we can hear His voice. Just like Moses, Hagar and many Biblical characters to Jesus and beyond. They were encouraged through the wilderness experience because God would meet them there.

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